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Inspired by Dominican roots, this larger-sized blend is crafted for those who can't get enough of its flavorful magic. Whether you're sprinkling for instant enhancement or blending into a savory paste, this 2-for-1 product remains your kitchen companion, enriched intentionally with the unique essence of Dominican Oregano.

How to Use Shake, Sprinkle, Blend!
Experience the unparalleled ease of flavor with a simple sprinkle or elevate your culinary creations by blending this larger-sized blend with oil and water. Transform it into a luscious paste, providing a versatile base for a myriad of recipes.

Dominican Inspiration Crafted with care to evoke the rich and diverse flavors of Dominican cuisine, this larger-sized Sofrito para Sofreír is further amplified by the distinctive taste of Dominican Oregano. It's more than a seasoning; it's a culinary homage to the vibrant Dominican kitchen.

Versatile Magic From a mere sprinkle to a transformative paste, this single blend offers multiple uses, catering to the diverse needs of passionate cooks and those who seek all-encompassing flavor in their dishes.

All-Purpose Goodness Packed with well-rounded, authentic flavors, this larger-sized Sofrito para Sofreír ensures an all-purpose goodness that enhances the essence of your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes with the rich and genuine taste that only our blend can provide.