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the visionary force behind
Floritza's Flavor!


stands as a social entrepreneur, food activist, and the proud daughter of Dominican immigrants. Recognized as the face of "SimplyFloritza," a brand dedicated to celebrating diversity through the lens of food, Floritza holds a deep commitment to fostering inclusivity and cultural appreciation.

A Manhattan College graduate, Floritza seamlessly juggles her role as a full-time Diversity & Inclusion practitioner in the financial services industry. In this professional sphere, she actively contributes to shaping a more inclusive landscape, embodying her belief in the power of diversity to drive positive change.

Floritza's mission extends beyond the confines of her career; it serves as a catalyst for societal transformation, rooted in the aspiration to build a more equitable and nourishing world. Her brand reflects this commitment, providing a space that goes beyond the culinary, fostering connection, celebration, and the sharing of diverse stories. Embracing the strength of community and the richness brought by cultural diversity, Floritza's Flavor is more than just a culinary venture—it's a platform for shared experiences and a testament to the belief that food has the power to unite us all.